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'Cause we make the best donuts in town, that's why!
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SINCE 1932
We treat our partners like family.

Mel-O-Cream is a family-owned and operated company that believes in taking care of our customers on an individual and personal level. Today, our high-quality products are available in a wide variety of options to fit your operational needs and your customers satisfaction. 

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  • Frozen Dough
  • Prefried
  • Retail ready
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Find out why thousands love our products by reaching out to us to get more information, or training from one of our experienced "Doughnutologists." We can't wait to welcome you to our Mel-O-Cream family.

Experience the
Mel-O-Cream difference.


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Ask anyone from Springfield, IL what comes to mind when they hear the name

Mel-O-Cream, and you’ll hear the same answer: the delicious taste of donuts! With over 90 years of “doing donuts right,” it’s not hard to imagine why.


        Mel-O-Cream was founded in 1932 by Kelly Grant Sr. as a retail donut shop. If you know this year from history, this was at the height of the great Depression. He ran the retail shops until the mid-1950s when he reached an agreement with his son Kelly Grant Jr. to purchase the company.


        Grant Jr. brought a new focus and energy to the business, focusing on expanding production to serve the emerging growth segment of in-store bakeries in supermarkets. This direction turned out to be exactly what the company needed, and we have not looked back since.


           A new facility was designed built and opened in September of 1997. The new 27-acre location gave us room to continue to grow. Currently we offer Frozen Dough, Pre- Fried, Thaw & Sell and Retail Ready products.

          In 2012 we looked to the future and expanded our offering to include: Glazed donut holes and our REAL OG Glazed Mel-O-Bites in both bulk pack and in Retail Ready packaging. 


          In 2019 our company was bought by the Larson Family. Eric Larson started working for us in March of 2004. He brought his background of owning his own bakery and many years of sales and baking experience with him. His sons Chad and Chris Larson join him to round out our company’s experience in lean manufacturing, preventative maintenance, and ingenuity of reconstructing our company for the future of Mel-O-Cream and their family. We are so happy to have them at the helm and to help diversify our business for a very successful future with amazing partners we like to call our family.

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