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Simpsons creator, Matt Groening, claims that he chose the name "Springfield" because it is one of the most popular names for cities in North America. Springfield is definitely intended to be located within the United States, however, just what state is it actually in? The writers of the show do continue to have fun with the "Where is Springfield?" question, and repeatedly tease the fans of the show by giving out clues or covering up the name of the state Springfield is in just before they're about to give it away. Because of this, the debate rages on.

BUT. After years of extensive research and tests, we have finally come to the conclusion that The Simpsons is in fact taking place in our own Springfield, Illinois.

Witness these facts:

Mel-O-Cream DonutsThe Simpson's Springfield is in the nations heartland.

Mel-O-Cream DonutsThe Simpson's Springfield is in a part of the country where snow is common.

Mel-O-Cream DonutsHomer Simpson's love of doughnuts. This is very obviously a direct reference to Springfield. How can you live in Springfield, IL and not be drawn in to the pure power of Mel-O-Cream Doughnuts and feel the same way Homer does about them?

Mel-O-Cream DonutsThe town and most everything in it is named after the cities founding father Jebediah Springfield. A bronze statue, stands in the middle of town. A replica of the "Birthplace of Jebediah" can be visited next to Springfield's oldest tree stump. Olde Springfield Towne honors Jebediah. Springfield Historical Society displays artifacts of Jebediah and other settlers. All of this defiantly refers to our Springfield love of Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Tomb, New Salem town, come on people, wake up!!

Mel-O-Cream DonutsThe Simpson's Springfield is very near Shelbyville.

Mel-O-Cream DonutsThe Springfield Topes often face teams from Shelbyville, Salem, and Burlington (Bloomington??). These would be towns and small cities from the same area as Springfield, IL.

Mel-O-Cream DonutsHomer works at a nearby Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant.

Mel-O-Cream DonutsEvergreen Terrace has been used throughout the history of the show to denote the residence of the Simpson family, over the past few years the writers have consistently chosen "742 Evergreen Terrace" as the home of the Simpsons. "Evergreen Terrace" was the name of the street Matt Groening lived on as a child.

Mel-O-Cream DonutsSelma was wearing a 'Springfield U' sweatshirt. University of Illinois Springfield maybe?

Mel-O-Cream DonutsHomer drives his car off a dock in Springfield Harbour. This is a reference to Lake Springfield.

Mel-O-Cream DonutsWitness these locations and landmarks spotted on the show:
  • Springfield Museum of Natural History
  • Springfield Mall
  • Springfield Airport
  • Springfield Speedway (Springfield Mile?)
  • Springfield High School
  • Springfield Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Springfield Tower (our Hilton?)
  • Springfield Museum
  • Springfield Armory
  • Old Springfield Library
  • Springfield Civic Center
  • Springfield College