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The Rise of Mel-O-Cream

When people hear the name Mel-O-Cream®, what usually comes to mind are donuts. Mel-O-Cream® Donuts was founded in 1932 as a retail shop in Springfield, Illinois. This occurred during the height of the Great Depression which led the founder, Kelly Grant Sr., to sell donuts at wholesale to restaurants and corner grocery stores.

Eventually, Mel-O-Cream® became a household word in the Springfield area. The distribution continued to expand into the late 40's and early 50's. On July 2, 1954, Mel-O-Cream® became incorporated in Illinois. Additionally, an agreement was reached for Kelly Grant, Jr. to purchase the company.

In 1964 the first Mel-O-Cream® franchise was opened. To accommodate the anticipated growth in franchising the business moved into a newly constructed warehouse in 1969. At the peak of the franchising business, Mel-O-Cream® added a frozen dough production line to produce all the franchise donuts in a central location. By 1980, the number of franchised shops had grown to 14. However, with the changes in the economy and interest rates soaring to more than 20%, no prospective franchisee could hope to pay interest at that level and operate profitably. This dictated a change of direction for Mel-O-Cream® Donuts.

Mel-O-Cream® International, Inc.'s core business is now manufacturing bakery products primarily for the wholesale distribution to supermarket and bakery operations. After entering this market in 1980, it became apparent that much of the growth in the baking industry would be at the wholesale level.

As the business continued to grow, plans for a new facility were announced in 1996. The new facility was constructed to produce not only the frozen dokuts, Mel-O-Cream® had been so successful in producing, but also a whole new line of Prefried donuts. In October of 1997 the company was relocated into the new facility and the frozen dough production continued while testing on the prefried line was being done. Mel-O-Cream® released the prefried line in March of 1998 and has had continued success in growing the donut business.

In 2007 we celebrated our 75th business anniversary. We currently offer a full line of quality Frozen Dough and Prefried Thaw & Finish products. Mel-O-Cream® produces over 70 frozen dokut items including specialty , seasonal, and jumbo products. The prefried line has climbed to over 40 items since it's release in 1998 and offers yeast raised, cake donuts, specialty donuts and a selection of "Cake Donut of the Month" items. The product lists continue to grow as the needs of the customer change.

Mel-O-Cream® products are currently sold throughout the Midwest in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin
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Kelly Grant Jr, Mel-O-Cream® Donuts International Inc.
Chairman of the Board Mel-O-Cream® Donuts

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